Distance Awards & Wristbands

What are distance awards?

Just like you might remember getting your 25m or 400m in the pool when you learned to swim, you can now challenge yourself to distance awards in open water!

Whether you are a complete novice to open water or a weathered outdoor swimmer, there is a challenge there for you.

There are 7 awards up for grabs :

> 200m
> 400m
> 800m
> 1 Mile
> 3.8km
> 5km
> 10km

How do you get your distance award?

It is quite simple.

> Go for a swim at one of the lakes offering the scheme on a “distance award day”.
> Let them know your intention to swim your award.
> Get in the water and swim the distance – they’ll keep a special look out for you.
> Get out and claim your “distance award wristband”.

And why not take a picture with your trophy wristband and Instagram it with #OPENWATERCLUBS or share on our Facebook page!

Which distance award can I get?

There are two ways :
If you are a novice open water swimmer, you’ll have to start with 200m and swim your way up to grab your next bands as you progress.

If you are a seasoned swimmer already you can start at 1 Mile and challenge yourself to the 5 and 10k after that.

Note that you can only grab one award per swim and you will need to swim them in order.

…otherwise, really, it wouldn’t be much fun!

Why not swim with friends to reach your next award.

Where can I get my distance award?

Currently, the scheme is run by the 3 lakes hosting the OPENWATERCLUBS and they have special distance days :




You will also be able to earn your “distance award” at specific events this season.

We will update the list of events as they come in:

> The Jubilee River 10K - June 2014
> The Henley Mile – 13/07/14 - 200, 400, 800 and 1 Mile wristbands

What are wristbands?

Each distance award earns you a wristband. Why not go for the full set?


The wristbands is free for the members of the OPENWATERCLUBS and £3 for non-members.

Join the distance award scheme.

If you are interested in joining the “distance award” scheme, whether you run an open water swimming venue, club or event, drop us a message here. The more the merrier! So swimmers will be able to challenge their friends from all over the country!