Wycombe District Masters sessions to welcome #openwaterclubs members

The Openwaterclubs project, working with the ASA, has created a wonderful opportunity for for #openwatermembers to improve their swimming with top level professional coaching at the Wycombe Sports centre

Every Tuesday evening from 9-10pm through July, August, September members can take part in the coached Masters session. 

Head & Olympic coach Kevin Brooks stated "Sessions will provide Technique Advice, Fitness Training, Stroke Development, Sets suitable for progression in chosen open water events, a team environment, and a supportive environment for all swimmers to achieve. Lanes will be split accordingly, based on abilities. Sometimes lanes will be taken out to simulate open water environments"

For this trial they will need to be registered to the one of the Openwaterclubs, so that they are covered by the ASA insurance

Fees will be: £55.85 for the quarter (that’s the same cost of the Masters Fitness One Squad at WDSC – they attend 1 session per week on Tuesdays)

If swimmers come into the trial late i.e. Mid July, then we can facilitate a cheaper cost of £5 per session for all remaining sessions in that quarter – through agreement with the lead coach. All fees need to be paid upfront by cheque payable to WDSC

The sessions will be coached by Oliver Brewer – A professional coach at WDSC and Ex-Loughborough University Swimmer

If you are a member of one of the clubs, and are interested, please email Jeremy.Laming@gmail.com to register your interest.

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