HOWSC (Henley Open Water Swimming Club)is a river-based swimming club that has been running for a few years. It is a friendly group of keen, river swimmers who meet at least once a week in various locations around Henley. The Flower Pot, Medmenham, Hurley, Marsh Lock and Shiplake are some of our most familiar spots.

There is a weekly suggested training meeting, held on Saturday mornings at 7am with swimmers dividing into “pods” depending on speed. We generally aim for loops (up then down the river) with various distance aims depending on ability. Therefore, most swimmers will finish roughly together. More often than not, we carry on with a nice breakfast.

When the river flow is too high for most to swim upstream, we organise point to point down river swim and work out a car shuttling system. We also organise a monthly time-trial swim from the Watersports hub by Marlow Bridge, on a buoyed course with safety cover.

Members also organise other ad-hoc swims during the week.
HOWSC has his social quarters and meetings at the Marlow Watersports Hub.
As a HOWSC member, you also have the opportunity to become a social member of the watersports hub for £10/year (it gives you access to the showers and changing rooms at the weekend from 5.30-10.30 am, and to the social bar) or a full gym member of the hub for £150/year (it gives you full access of the gym, showers, changing rooms and bar all week during opening times). These are discounted membership rates for HOWSC members only.

Quite a few of HOWSC members frequently visit one of the 2 lakes in our network and other members of the OPENWATERCLUBS come to the river on Saturdays.

How to join

Please fill in the membership form
Choose you membership option
• HOWSC + Hub Social Member
• HOWSC + Gym and social Member

Pay online
Pay membership online Give us a few days to process your applications and you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive a membership card and club hat when you join us.

HOWSC Membership also gives you:
- discounted entry (£4) at Queenford Lakes, Oxford, and Little Marlow Lake, Marlow
- 10% off entry fees to the Henley Swim Events (www.henleyswim.com)
- 25% off Athlete Services’ services (www.athleteservice.com)

You can join the club at one of the training sessions first, as a trial. Our insurance covers you for 3 trial sessions. Look out for our Captain Mark Plested or any other members of the club. Joins us on Facebook for details of swims' times and places! #OPENWATERCLUBSHenley on Facebook You can also email Mark for more details : [email protected]

When posting photos on Twitter and or Instagram, please share your open water swimming photos with us by using the following hashtags: #OPENWATERCLUBS #OPENWATERCLUBSHenley
For any questions or enquiries please contact Mark Plested at
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